Music is in the air...still ! ;)

Thank you for the input about my music player. I though about deleting it, but I really like it... :) 

So, I´m keeping my music, but adding a text where I let people know that they can turn the sound off if they so wish.

Today I bought a great vintage coat ! Although I´m unsure of how old it is. Either its just a modern coat with a vintage "look" or it could be "the real deal"... I´ll post a pic. tomorrow. 

It looks a little like this  1950s coat.


Didn´t think about that ...

Thank you for your comment Glamorous Housewife ! Of course a slow Internet connection would make it so much more difficult to read when there´s music on it. Hm... I´ll have to think about that :)

Floral Water

This looked like something I would like to try ! When I was a young girl visiting my aunt in Paris she always had the most sweet smelling rosewater in her bathroom cabinet ( still does :) I´ve always missed having that smell in in my own house. Thought it could be a refreshing "pick-me-upper" in front of the computer, since that is something that tends to dry out your skin.

1 1/2 cup of water ( chlorine free )
1/8 cup vodka
3 tbs dried OR 1 large handful fresh rose petals ( use highly fragrant ones )

1. Bottle, shake & store for 3 - 7 days.

2. Strain out the rose petals.

3. Replace with 1 tbs of fresh ( preferably pesticide free ) rose petals.

4. Add 4 drops of essential ( important, not a compound ! ) rose oil and 2 drops of essential jasmine oil.

5. Refrigerate and use at your discretion with a beautiful mister ! :)

Other Possible Combinations.

A few drops of your preferred essential oil and water.

A few drops of your preferred essential oil plus a water and vodka mix.

Pieces of a plant or a flower of your choice ( preferably pesticide free ) steeped in 90% vodka or you can pour boiling water on them.

PS. Dear vintage lover - a question. Do you find the music on my blog annoying or entertaining when reading ?

Morning thoughts...

Here I am in the middle of the night...no...more like early morning...still by the computer...ah, but I´ve had so much fun ! Reading other peoples blogs and tweaking my own. I guess its all the nervous energy before my trip. Outside my window the day is beginning and it promises to be a beautiful one. Not that I´ll have time to enjoy it so much :)

Today I feel blessed with all that is in my life ! I´m not married ( maybe never will be ) and I have no children ( though I did try for four years...), but I have a job I love, the coolest dog ever and some great friends ! Working in my field of work things are often unsure and the money can be there one day and gone the next... But all the things I´ve experienced and the people I´ve met on the road ! I don´t regret a single day !

Do I fall flat on my face now and then, you bet ! Do I beat myself up and sell my self short - yup it happens. But after a good cry a day or two ( sometimes longer... ) I "pick myself up, dust myself of and start all over again ".

It´s not easy to be human, but we´ve gotta´try ! :) Blog love to all !


A big night out

Here are some more pictures. The satin "coat" is perhaps a duster/housecoat ( I bought it at a flee market, so I´m not quite sure what it is) or just a dressing gown. Either way its pretty enough to substitute as as evening wrap on a big night out if you ask me ! :)

The evening gown is home sewn, possibly from the late 1940s early 1950s. I saw it in the window of a dry cleaners ( I kid you not ! ), bargained heavily for it and got it for less than 60€ earlier this year ! :D

A few of my favorite things...

Today I have worked my b...tt off ! I´ve done a large heap of laundry, I´ve run up and down a million times to the basement with boxes of stuff, as I´m subletting my apartment while I´m away and I´ve begun to pack my bags. My whole house is simply in a state of mess ! So it feels good to take a break and do a little blogging ! :) I thought I would indulge in showing you a few of my spring/summer hats !


Carol Lombard

I think this about as glamorous you can get ! I mean, look at those cheek bones !

Carol Lombard - American movie star born October 6, 1908 – January 16, 1942). One of the late 1930s highest-paid Hollywood stars. Married to Clarke Gable (see this Youtube clip !). Particularly noted for her comedic roles in several films of the 1930s. Ms Lombard's life was tragically shortened at the age of 33 when she was in an aeroplane crash.

PS. My friends daughter came over to day to try on a dress she´s making for me. A little in the style of Trashy Diva. I´v chosen a beautiful pistachio green cloth with a white pattern. I can´t wait to try it once its actually finished! :D

Wore my red boots while riding my bicycle today ! Living life to the fullest... ;)

How to grab on...

I was reading a really interesting post about women who "let themselves go" over at Super Kawai Mama. Go over and read it ! Started thinking about my own life... I will turn 45 this year. And in some ways I have let myself go. Oh, I clean up pretty well and I´m not afraid of wearing what ever I feel like when the mood strikes me, but it rarely does... or let me clarify that. I love a vintage style and I love dressing up, but between walking the dog out, working, cleaning the house and going shopping I tend to pull out the old sneakers time and time again. Also, since I´m not dating right now ( oh, listen to me will you, the feminist blaming men for my sloppy style !! ) its like I don´t have the energy to make the effort...

I guess its like brushing ones teeth, you just have to do it again and again regularly until its second nature. But the quote that really got me thinking was when SKM wrote the following in a comment reply :

" Ah, the old “life on hold till I lose weight, get a new house, find a job..” routine. That’s a cracker and one I often find myself falling into. This is our life RIGHT NOW! And if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, do I want my best self to have gone unseen because I wasn’t the weight I wanted to be?".

This really hit home with me... Why oh why, should I let something as mundane as a little extra weight stop me from making the extra effort to look good ?!!! This must stop now !

And since every walk starts with a few committed steps this is my pledge. I will wear heels at least twice a week ! ( Wearing heels is in itself a commitment to wearing something nice :)

Dear vintage lovers how do you do to grab on to something for fear of letting go ... ?


New Blog !

Just wanted to invite you all to my latest endeavour - The Vintage Style Files, a research blog where you can read fashion history, get ideas, look for online shops or just be inspired by different pretty images ! Hope you will like it ! 

Shoe Closet

Hi there ! Thanks Jessica & Doll for your comments about "Why I love the 1940s". I would like to state that even though I championed the 40s I do love pieces from several different periods and I salute any gal who dares to immerse herself in any period and steps outside "the box" ! ;)

The above shoe is from peeptoe and I tend too droll over it every now and then... It´s my burlesque shoe to come ! That said, I thought I would post some pictures of my own shoes, just for the fun of it ! I love a vintage look, but tend to pick more modern shoe choices, as long as they have a rounded toe and straight heel, preferably chunkier.

These are my "shiny" shoes , they will add sparkle to any ole´drab day !

Then there are my "black & brown" shoes for a slightly more polished look.

A few "spotted" choices is a must ;)

And of course the practical mackintoshes, but with a little edge ... Dear vintage lover, why don´t post me some of your shoe darlings !

ps. Needless to say I wear sneakers most of the time... but as I´ve said before I.W.O.I ( I´m working on it ;)


New shoes and why I love the 1940s !

A few days ago I went to a vintage store to see if I could find something. And I did ! I found these cute (brand new) white-and-polka-dotted shoes, a pair of 1950s sunglasses, a 1930s (!) little "handbox" with room for powder, lipstick and cigarettes, as well as a 1950s cotton dress with a pretty orange/brown colored leaf pattern. I also found a pair of utterly adorable 1950s stilettos in brown and white. So the day was quite a catch ! :)

The dress I bought is great as it´s a size 42 (US 14 & UK 16) which is unusual to find, but its still is a bit tight on me... ( I´m working on it ! ;) So, I´ve decided I´m going to sell the dress together with the shoes, once I get back from Africa. The shoes are beautiful, but the 1950s is not really my style. Although they are a great size ! I were 39-40 (US 8, 1/2 - 9 or UK 16 - 6, 1/2 ) and they fit me. Vintage shoes usually come in very small sizes if they´re from this era.

For that reason I opened up an Etsy account were I hope to sell items I have found and love, but won´t/can´t wear for various reasons. Hm...why do I love the 1940s more than all other fashion periods ?

I´ve been reading a lot of fashion books on the styles of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The 40s is definitely what appeals to me the most ! This was an age when women were finding their way out of the homes in support of their men at the battle front. These were independent strong women and it showed in their fashion choices. The padded shoulders, the square shoes with sturdy heels, the turbans instead of hats and the muted colours. This was no time for excessive vanity - there was a war to win ! ;)

On the other hand the woman of the 1930s is delightful in her bias cut satin dress, but seems a tad "unfocused"... And who can blame her ? With the depression all around anything that brought you away from reality must have been a relief...

Then again, the woman of the 1950s is too much of a delicate housewife for my taste. When her husband comes home after work she navigates towards him, drink and newspaper in hand, on her wobbly high stilettos with her ruffled pink apron draped suffocatingly tight round her waspish waist ( oh, bear with me I´m having fun ! ;) only to then return to her immaculate kitchen and whip together yet another fabulous dinner... Role model ? I think not !

But the woman of the 1940s, seems to have had a drive and dedication, that enabled her to conquer and endure almost everything, including a war. Sure, she wears flowers in her hair and dazzles her male counterpart with her costume jewelry and shiny evening fabrics, but even so she seems genuinely confident of herself and her mission.

When I see Rosie the Riveter beckoning to me, with her rolled up sleeve and steely command - " We can do it !", my own modern reply seems to be the perfect match as I shout back through time - "Yes, we can !"

And THAT'S why I love the fashion of the 1940s ! ;)


This is what I got up for this morning :) 

I am BIG on spa treatments, especiallt facials. I try to go ( if my economy permits ) twice a year. And I never once regretted having gone.

For many years I did my own brows, but there is NO ONE who does them more beautiful than my beauty aesthetician ! If you don´t beleive me - take  a look for yourself :)


Enjoy !

Well, blogging is an adventure all unto itself, at least when you want to add new features...

Wanted to have some music on my blog so I choose last.fm and had only intended to put on some vintage "Andrew Sisters", but instead you now have access to my entire itunes library... 

Well, what can say but - enjoy ! ;)

To Jessica & Amanda, the African continent truly is a marvelous place ! From the northern desert landscapes of Morocco and Egypt to the dense forests of Kongo and the broad plains of Kenya, from the snowy tops of the Kilimanjaro to the rolling seas round the very last edge of Africa at the Cape of Good Hope - it´s all one amazing landscape !  

With its rich history and thriving population. Africa is so much more than its trials and tribulations... I feel blessed to have seen but a tiny morsel of its beauty !

And to those of you who commented on my little "Doggie Lama" ( no disrespect intended to His Holiness ) I agree with all things said ! :)


Come fly with me !

A little quick note, as today is one of those days spent running around trying to get a few things ready for my big trip. In 2 weeks time I´m going to Africa ! First I´m going to Ghana  and then to South Africa, both are work related ( lucky me, eh ;) but will be holidays anyway just for the simple fact that the tempo of the African continent is sooo soothing for a western high stressed modern gal like me. 

As for vintage, I don´t hope to find much in Ghana, but I know that South Africa has many vintage treats. Perhaps someone out here in cyberspace knows where to look ? I´ll be living in Cape Town in S.A.


Looking good being green

I love Sophie Ulianos suggestions on how to live green, yet look fabulous ! My diet has always been a struggle when it comes to maintenance... meaning I love to eat, as long as I don´t have do the cooking myself... Mind you, I love to cook for others ! I´m not a vegetarian, but I only eat fish and fowl and I try to buy as much organic products as I can.

The day before yesterday was spent with my brother and his family. They live out in the countryside and he is a vegetarian chef, although the dinner that was served was done by my delightful sister-in-law. And the food !!! Green, lean and utterly delicious ! 

Even though I am on the track of losing weight ( ah, the lure of those petite vintage dresses ;) I´m afraid I indulged in a rather large portion of French chocolate cake simply because it was made by my sweet niece ! I simply imagined myself being the very pretty Fleur de Guerre eating yet another sumptuous afternoon tea somewhere in Old England. Then again, with a figure like hers she can have all the tea & cakes she wants, no ? ;)

I really enjoy looking at for instance, Immodesty Blaize and her amazingly beautiful full figured burlesque body twisting and turning in my YouTube window, but full figured truly works best when you have a full figured bust to go along with it ( which I do not... ) I´m only 161 cm and currently weigh ... 72 kg ( how did THAT happen ! ;) ...

I figured that losing a few kg would be good for my health, my self esteem, my vintage wardrobe aspirations and that very desired object awaiting me when I have done so - a corset from What Katie did !

PS. To those of you who have added me to you blog list, I feel honored, excited and very inspired that others would find my vintage adventures interesting enough to follow ! Thank you ! :D


Vanity tables

Sometimes the dreams we have not always match the reality we live in... but then again those dreams can be our navigating stars as we cross that great ocean we call Life. 

Right now my own life is is a bit stressful due to an upcoming journey abroad ( albeit exciting stress ) and so I tend to daydream a bit more than usual :) When I saw this beautiful Hollywood styled bedroom - I immediately started fantasizing about sitting at that gorgeous vanity table and getting ready for a red carpet event !  I tell you, this is my future boudoir inspiration ! 

The more modest vanity table you see is your truly. Not quite as big, but very much loved all the same. 


A Polyvore memento !

Berry Mojito
5 fresh mint leaves
1 t. granulated sugar
4 lime wedges, juiced
2 oz. Bacardi Razz
1/4 oz. Chambord
1/4 oz. blue curacao
Splash of club soda
Garnish: mint, blueberries, and raspberries

In a tall glass, crush mint with a fork. Add sugar and lime juice; stir. Add Bacardi, Chambord, and blue curacao; mix. Top with club soda. Garnish.

My little man...

I got a message from Berlin and a request to post a picture of my little dog. This was taken a few years ago ( he is now 6 years old ). His name is Neo and yes, he IS the chosen one ;) He is a Tibetan Spaniel and  his kind once guarded the monk temples of Tibet. He is a very cool guy ! The only thing that can disrupt his serenity is fire crackers and flying. 

PS. Found a more recent photo taken this summer of "his highness" sitting in the garden ;)


Hats as sweet as candy...

Just have a look at Frollein von Sofas fabulous designs ! 
 I´m just crazy about her work and can´t wait until she has her online shop going :) !

What else... I decided to henna my hair dark brown and it turned out pretty good, although it takes a bit getting used
 to ( my hair was a lighter shade of brown before).  I was careful to use true Body Art henna as I have a relaxer in my hair and the henna compounds you can buy in beauty shops can wreck havoc on my hair type...

Oh yes, the book I ordered arrived  - " Vintage hairstyling" by Lauren Renalls. What beautiful pictures ! And really good
 instructions too ! But right now I´ve let my hair go back to its natural curly state, as I am soon due for my touch-up ( I did my relaxer nearly six month ago ) and need to take extra care before then. 

Surf Lookout :  The purse and card case is what I saw today while surfing the net. They are from Unique Vintage. Would love to have them ! 


Vintage Girl !

 Today I was so inspired by the gorgeous pictures by Fleur de Guerre from her blog " Diary of  vintage girl". She has managed to capture to perfection not only the feeling of the 1930s - 1940s with her whole look, but she wears it with a a smile and a wink that makes her look absolutely delightful ! 

So I decided to wear a  little black camisole with my black transparent blouse, my high waisted black 40s style pants and  an authentic grey waist nipped jacket. The I put a red flower in my
hair, took on my 1950s sunglasses and gloves and me and my dog went off to town !

And when there... I bought a delightful little lace nighting gown at H&M to go with my adorable 1940s satin dressing gown at home. Hm...I should find a way to snap a picture without wearing the items.


My brothers gift card

So today I put a few Amazon items on my wish list, as my little brother so graciously had sent me a gift card. The books look great and are each intended to inspire me in my further aspirations ( and make me a little more daring ) !


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